On-Air Nets

The Anoka County Radio Club hosts an on-air net every Wednesday night at 7:00 p.m. on the 146.670 Repeater. If you have any ideas or questions, contact us on the net! 

Our Frequent Net Controllers include: 

  • Clay Bartholow W0LEDOn-Air Nets
  • Chuck Howard K0ORK On-Air Nets
  • Annette Larson KB1UOGOn-Air Nets
  • Matt Magdefrau N2PSROn-Air Nets
  • Dale Christopherson KE0BRZOn-Air Nets

All hams are welcome to join us on our net.  We look forward to your contact!


In addition, some club members meet on an HF net ever Monday-Friday on 3.865 MHz


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