Clay Bartholow's (W0LED) Question for the Net

5-25-2016, What special things will you be doing in Ham Radio this summer?

W0XOF Mark     Ham Lake          Setup new antenna, Participate in BSA Ham-boree

K0SMR  Shawn                          Put a tower up

N2PSR  Matt       Blaine              Get a 80m wire up which will involve taking down some trees

KD0KZE Paul      Circle Pines       Setup a vertical antenna, maybe a GAP antenna

AE0AL   Al                                Get back in the shack more often doing other digital modes like SSTV other then PSK31

KD0VJU  Nick     Minneapolis      Help X0XOF setup his antenna and help with the BSA

W0KX    Barb     Blaine              Setup 80m antenna, find the noise on 40m, get adaptors made for QRP rigs

WB9CFN Aaron   Maple Grove    Get antenna up, MS Event and participate in Field Day

KDØKZJ  Mark    Roseville           No Comment 

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