Clay Bartholow's (W0LED) Question for the Net

08-03-2016, Have you prepped for Winter?

I know it’s been pretty darned hot recently and it’s still barely August.  But – have you been thinking about the coming fall and winter? Have you laid up the bounties of your garden?

Call Name QTH           Answer
 N2PSR  Matt  Blaine  Just enjoying summer.  Matt loves winter.  Hikes the trails & no bugs!
 KE0BRZ  Dale  Andover  Was just doing QRP in Yellowstone.  As ready for winter as he's going to be.  Antennas are in good shape.
AE0AL AL   His antenna works.  Has a fireplace but not used recently.  Car battery is good, tires are OK.  Canning & pickling is done.
KE0IFR Carolyn Crystal Signal noisy but I think she said all is well & winter-ready.
KBØLXE Gary Blaine Not ready for winter.  But he is doing Hams In The Park.
KDØVJU Nick North Mpls. Shopping for a new furnace (old one is 40 YO.)  He has a 2 megawatt portable generator.  Oops:  2 kilowatt.
W0LED Clay Crystal In the immortal words of Alfred E. Newman:  “What, me worry?”

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