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Volunteer for Twin Cities Marathon : radio operators are needed.

TCM 2017 October 1, 2017

  This kind of event is a way to pay back the community for your ham radio   privileges. You can learn the skill of emergency response communications. If   you are new to ham radio, or working events, let me know and I can pair you   with experienced hams. Bring along your HT manual and your partner can help   you figure out your radio!
  The main net will be on 444.425 pl 114.8, with back up on  145.4300- pl   127.3
  If you have not already, go to,   sign up for the 2017 Net 1 email list and register.
  If you haven't already, please fill out your profile (register by clicking   the Sign Up! button on top) on and   let us know your details: your Ham call, your cellphone number, verify you   have a dual band HT, your T-shirt size and any preferences you may have. I   can accommodate later starts, and early leaving. If you have a 2m HT only,   let me know. Let me know if you've worked an event like this before or would   like to be assigned with an experienced volunteer. Let me know of any   requests you may have.
  Here are the   directions for registering at TC in Motion:
  For those of you who have already registered to volunteer, thank you! Please   invite potential medical volunteers in your networks to join our volunteer   team this year.
  If you wish to volunteer for the 2017 race communications team, please register   online at the link below. You can sign up any time from now until 2 weeks   before the race. Early registration will ensure you are on the team and have   a secured position.
  To Register for a Race please complete the following steps
  Here are the detailed steps to register as a volunteer:
  1. Create an account. Depending on the day you will be volunteering, select   "Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon Saturday," “TC 10 Mile Sunday,”   and/or "Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon Sunday". Please note that   there are TC10 mile race positions and Marathon Race positions are separate   races this year to keep the shifts shorter for the 2 races on Sunday; you can   sign up for both shifts if you wish..
  TC 10 Mile & Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon Sunday
  Please note there are 10 mile shifts and marathon shifts. You are welcome to   sign up for both as well. Just indicate you would like to do both shifts in   the comments section
  Click   here.
  2. If you are signing up for the first time, you will receive an   authentication email to authenticate that it is you. Click the activation   link sent to the email address you provide.
  Please go through the registration wizard and fill out all mandatory fields.   Complete the registration process by filling in your information and watching   the videos. Everything is in place to help medical management better organize   the volunteer team and to ensure the utmost safety of you and the   participants. If you are a provider without a license, please type in   “unlicensed” or “none”. If you have foreign language skills, please include   that in the Comment section. You will receive a confirmation email after   registering. Physical Therapists who register will receive final assignments   from Kelly Roberts Lane.
  Complete the Registration Form and choose the correct volunteer position.   They have been divided up to make the check-in process on race day quicker   and easier.
  ***If you have worked medical before, please enter your past medical   assignments and your qualifications in the Comment section.
  3. I do not recommend downloading RaceSafe since it does not sufficiently   protect runners medical information under HIPAA. It's not needed for   Communications volunteers.
  If you have any problems signing up, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  We will use the following category to make assignments:
  • Communications Teams
  During the sign up, please specify your role from the following category:
  • Communications Volunteer
  Communications Tips
  A gain HT antenna is the minimum choice you can make. The standard issue   stubby duck that came with your radio will not work. You also will need at   least 5 watts. If you can bring a mobile radio a power source (your   car)  and an antenna for it, do so.  If you don't have a gain HT   antenna, please get one. If you don't have a 5 watt HT, you will need more of   an antenna.
  The best choice is to bring a gain base antenna with a way to put it   up.  All the medical locations have trees overhead. Other locations should   have enough flexibility in location to find a tree. Radio City may have   options for you as well.
  If you don't have this sort of antenna and have a mobile radio with mounted   antenna on your car, that should work too. Cross band repeat should work, but   you will need to have your car close so that if the squelch opens, you can   adjust it or you will jam the net! If you can't have your car close, don't   use crossband repeat.
  Work with your assigned partner as needed. Assignments will come out as soon   as I can, starting in a week or so. T-shirt info will follow as well.
  If you don't think you can get together what you need, let me know.  At   least one of you need a good antenna. If you and your partner can't bring a   good antenna, then I will try to reassign you.
  Also, the Marathon Ham Radio manual will come out as soon as I get it.
  Roads close as early as 6am. Scout out your location ahead of time, to make   sure you have a place to park near by. If you can get there before the road   closes, all the better. You need to be on location at 7am. We'll have check   in's starting at that time. The race starts at 7:55 with the wheel chair   participants, 8am for the marathon.
  Your actual location may be if assigned the location of a TCM crew, medical,   or fluid station. You are their communications staff. Get to know them, they   are your key to a good time! Bring some snacks to get you through the day and   water in case you don't have a near by source. Bring a chair. Here is a good   article about a "go-kit"
  I will have information about the radio frequencies as soon as I can. If you   don't have a dual band solution, let me know.
  The wheel chair racers begin at 7:50 and the runners at 8:00 AM. We want you   to report the first wheelchair and number.  The first male and female   runner and their number. This is for every check point so we can plot the   progress of the race.  
  Please report drop outs so we can report that info to the race as well as   people at your location whom will need to find the race buses. Buses only   leave from certain points and not all points of the race. You need the   runner's bib number to report in.
  In the case of an emergency, usually a fallen runner who doesn't immediately   get up, call 911 and the ambulance services are prepared for fast dispatch   for the Marathon.  Then let net control know what happened. You will   need your closest street address for the closest house or business for the   dispatcher to find you.
  We want to know where the tail end of the race is so let us know, also when   your check point no longer has any runners being treated or waiting for   SAG.  You are to stay with runners waiting for SAG.  When the tail   vehicle passes, and you have no more runners with you, then you can ask for   permission to secure and you are free to go.
  Remember that you identify with your Mile number and your call.     Check in with your tactical call, "Mile 11"  We will answer as   Net Control #1, K0COM!  Please do not make a report till we tell you to   go ahead with your report.    It does get very busy and   doubling is easy to avoid in this manner. Always end your transmission with   your call.
  Dress for the weather, it could be hot or cool and it may rain.  Please   dress appropriately! Bring your rain gear.  Nothing wrong with a pair of   mitts in you pocket on standby!
  Bring an extra battery pack for your radio or extra radios.
  Most important, HAVE FUN!
  Dave Johnson N0KBD
  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  ARES Metro District, ADEC, PIO
  853 Bradford Ave
  Champlin, MN 55316

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