Clay Bartholow's (W0LED) Question for the Net

11-12-14: Do you use any of the digital modes, such as PSK-31, on HF or VHF/UHF?

If you do, what mode or modes do you prefer?

W0LED (Net Control) Clay Yes, PSK-31 occasionally on 14.070 MHz
K9EQ Chris Yes, PSK-31, CW on HF; Yaesu Fusion 9600 bps, IDAS, D-STAR
N2PSR Matthew No
KE0BRZ Dale No, not yet, maybe D-STAR later
KD0WZW Pete Yes, Yaesu Fusion, some PSK-31, SSTV
N0SBU George (& PJ) --------
KE0ABR Nick No, not really -- but had questions & a hypothesis about 2-meter propagation

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