Clay Bartholow's (W0LED) Question for the Net

01-14-15: What are your plans for Valentine's Day?

N0SBU    George Not much
KC0WJE    Richard Valentine's Day is 50th wedding anniversary – Congratulations!
KB1UOG    Annette Sister flying up – will have a nice meal – “family love”
KE0BRZ    Dale Planning something special but can't say- wife is listening along on HT!
W0XOF    Mark
N2PSR    Matthew He doesn't know for sure (but I suspect Annette was listening in)
KE0ABP    Tom Spending some time in Arizona
AE0AL    Al Going to Perkins or something
KD7EMM    John
KB0C    Mike
N0PVC    A.J. Not sure
KE0ABR/AG Nick Maybe trying out some HF operating on Valentine's Day
KD0VJU    Nick He's thinking about getting a haircut on Valentine's Day!

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