Clay Bartholow's (W0LED) Question for the Net

01-28-15: Do you regularly check in to an Amateur Radio net?

What net or nets?  Is it on HF or VHF or UHF?  SSB?  CW?  FM? *****og?  Digital?

N0SBU George Magic Net, ACRC 146.67, Handi-Hams 145.45, several others
KC0WJE Richard HF, 40 meters, NORCARS, Piconet, Handi-Hams, ACRC 146.67
KD0KZE Paul Saturday Night Ham Talk 145.45
K0FPV Chris ACRC 146.67
N2PSR Matthew Not a big net person, prefers keeping skeds on HF
N0PVC A.J. ACRC 146.67, TCFMC Saturday Swap Shop 146.76, Handi-Hams, Tech Net
KD0LQQ Rick Saturday Night Ham Talk 145.45, Tech Net, TCFMC Saturday Swap Shop 146.76

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